Road Trip Necessities

Dear Road Trippers,

So, you’re planning on going on a road trip? First off, splendid idea! I’ve discovered the
only true way to experience the eclectic beauty of our country is to hop in your car and hit roadtripthe road. Sure, you can catch a flight, but then you’ll miss out on the diverse cultures peppered throughout the country and all the wonderful people that cherish those traditions.

It was the most amazing experience, trust me. So, since you are planning a cross-country trip, here are a few items that will save you on the road…

Things we had that were stellar:

  • America the Beautiful pass– By far the best purchase we made for the road trip. It’s an annual pass that allows the two signers of the card to access all of the National Landmarks for free. It saved us SO much money. You can purchase the pass for $80 online, or purchase it in person at any national landmark.
  • Baby wipes-Great for a quick clean-up, especially when you haven’t showered in a few days.
  • Brita H20 filtered water bottle– You may be sketched out by the running water at some places, so buy one of the Brita bottles & you’ll be set with clean water.
  • Quarters– Best for parking meters, laundry, & late night coffee.
  • Laundry detergent– You’ll need to get in some clean clothes while on your journey. The to-go-pods are 100% the most practical.
  • Ziploc bags– These are a lifesaver, awesome for stowing food, medicine, quarters, and really anything you can squeeze in one. They’re great!
  • Garbage bags– The trash accumulates. Plus, they’re perfect for storing clothes, food, & other miscellaneous shit.
  • Air fresheners– If you’re going to be showering as little as we did, you’ll need these.
  • Snacks– It can be difficult to eat healthy on the road, & inconvenient to stop, so stock up on your favorite healthy snacks (trail mix, kale chips, nuts, etc.) beforehand!
  • Sunscreen– You just need it, especially if you’re pale like Bronwen.
  • Knife– On the road, it is highly  likely that you’ll find yourself in some places where your safety is questionable. It’s always good to be prepared with some protection.
  • Napkins– Steal from all fast food/gas stations you stop at.
  • First-aid kit– No brainer.
  • Jumper cables– Just in case!

If you’re camping, like us:

  • Tent– Self explanatory.
  • Camping stove– We spent a lot of money on food, but cooking it yourself is a great way to save money. Don’t forget your propane!
  • A few camping dishes– Don’t forget a sponge & some soap.
  • Condiments– Trust me, you’ll want these to add some flavor to your camping food. Just steal them like the napkins.

Things we didn’t pack, we wish we had:

  • EZ-pass– Let me put it this way: We spent over $40 just driving up from Maryland to Connecticut. You’ll definitely want one.
  • Can opener– Just handy to have. Brad kept opening our cans of tuna with his pocket knife, & let me tell you, it’s much easier to just bring a can opener.

Hope this helps anyone looking for some advice before taking-off! If you’re looking for tips on places to visit along the way, you can contact me, or click here to check out the Google Map that we created for our trip.


Bronwen 🙂


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