10 Things I’d Rather do than Watch Trump’s Inauguration

Perusing through Facebook this morning, I saw a post that reminded me of something “important” going on today, The Presidential Inauguration. Gasps! How could she forget such a monumental moment?! Well, my response to your gasps is that I honestly could care less. Sorry, but I am sincerely not sorry in the slightest bit.fullsizerender-11

Yes, I am informed, but does that mean I need to sit around and celebrate someone whom I believe to be unfit to be president? No, it does not. You’re probably sitting there thinking, oh, what an imbecile, but we just have different beliefs, that’s all. I do my homework, that includes reading all news sources, including Fox News. In order to be a critical reader, you must do as much research as you can, and more importantly remain informed about the opposition. Constantly looking through one lens will leave you with a distorted view.

This one-sided, distorted view is why I believe we should just do away with our political system entirely. Our political system is designed horrendously, with one-sided political parties pitting their followers against each other. This system is automatically setting us up for failure, forcing Democrats or Republicans to choose someone who aligns with their political party, not necessarily their views. It is a ridiculously outdated custom that the 4th Estate has been fueling, rather than exposing its flaws. If the media won’t even protect us, who will make this change but us?

Food for thought, but enough of my ranting. So, without further adieu,  here are 10 Things that are more worth your while than watching the Inauguration:

  1. Watch the Bruins vs. Blackhawks at 7:00pm EST, or if you live in Boston, like me, click here to purchase tickets to tonight’s game at TD Garden.
  2. The crude sock-puppet comedy, Hand to God, premieres today at Calderwood Pavilion on Tremont Street. It honestly looks hysterical!
  3. Go bowling, candlepin if you’re in Boston. I strongly advise purchasing a beer tower.
  4. Catch a flick. Tons of great movies are out this time of year, including La La Land and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  5. Be lazy. Lay around all night and check out HBO’s new eerie series The Young Pope. Definitely worth a watch!
  6. Reflect on the year 1945, when a much more well-respected President, FDR, was inaugurated. Although, he did constrain the genius of Nikola Tesla, which I am skeptical about.
  7. Go to the gym. No one goes to the gym on Friday, it’s pure bliss.
  8. Create your own blog, and write a comeback response to my article. I dare you!
  9. Get a good night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s Boston Women’s March for America. It starts at 11am at the Boston Common, so not too early!
  10. TGIF! It’s Friday, so what the hell are you waiting for, weekend getaway time! Here are some ideas to get you started. Have a great weekend!
  11. BONUS: And, writing this blog post, of course…that’s something I’d much rather do.

We do not need to Make America Great Again, we need to roll with the times, looking toward the bright future, instead of harping on things that failed in the past. That is why it’s the past, they will never be resolved, so be happy about the future!


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