Visit Glacier Before It’s Too Late

As far as National Parks go, and I’ve been to quite a few, Glacier National Park is at the top of my list. It is one of the most breathtakingly refreshing places I have ever visited. Glacier’s surreal splendor leaves you awestruck, standing there so small compared to the enormous natural landscape. img_6822The grand mountains are truly magnificent, speckled with turquoise rivers and lakes that have been molded by the massive glaciers throughout the years. Its vast beauty is incomprehensible, and must be seen to truly understand its significance. Living your day-to-day life surrounded by cars and skyscrapers, it’s difficult to understand something so wondrous, but it exists, I promise, but you need to go now.

Why must you go now? Because soon, Glacier National Park will no longer have any glaciers img_7858-6left. Unfortunately, due to global climate change, only 25 of the original 150 glaciers remain. It is predicted that the glaciers will be melted away by 2030. The glaciers are dwindling as we speak, disappearing from Earth because of our mistakes that we continue to make.

The disappearance of the glaciers will be detrimental to the environment, taking away the ecosystems main water source. Glacier has its own temperamental environment that many organisms rely on, and once the glacier is diminished those organisms lives will change drastically. Not only will this effect glacier’s img_6897ecosystem, but the ecosystem of our planet as well. With the melting glaciers, our sea levels will rise, forcing people inland, while polluting our freshwater sources. Not to mention, glaciers assist in regulating temperature and weather patterns. All of these problems exist, and are practically irreversible at this point, yet still no one cares. Go visit Glacier before it’s too late, and then maybe you will understand. Everyone should have the chance to visit this wonderful park, and understand the fragility of this delicate ecosystem.


You can visit the National Park Service to learn more about Glacier National Park, and to plan your next visit! My follow up article, tomorrow, will be tips on planning your stay at Glacier! Also, here is a good Nat Geo read about the melting glaciers.

Please pass on this information, & all the wonders of Glacier.


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