Without the Environment, We Have Nothing

I was horrified to wake up to this article this morning.

The Trump, excuse me, trump administration (he does not even deserve to be capitalized) decided it would be a splendid idea to freeze the actions of the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, trump supporters will refute with, “This happens with every presidency,” but that is just not the case. His own administration states that trump’s governmental freeze, “May be a little wider than some previous administrations”(Dennis & Eilperin, The Washington Post). He is already off to a horrible start as the gluttonous president that I expected him to be.

All that he cares about is increasing the revenue and business of our country, but doesn’t he know that without the environment, we have nothing. Clearly, he does not give a damn. The article continued, and only got more disturbing. The Washington Post article went on to say:

Ebell and other transition officials have made little secret about their goal of greatly reducing the EPA’s footprint and regulatory reach. Trump has repeatedly criticized the EPA for what he calls a string of onerous, expensive regulations that are hampering business (Dennis & Eilperin).

But these are not “onerous and expensive regulations,” they are regulations that we need in order to save our planet. And, quite frankly a hell of a lot more money needs to be spent on it. I am truly disturbed by this greedy, dishonorable statement, and by this man who claims to be our president. Not my president. This is unacceptable, and it was more than obvious that this was going to happen. Are we going to stand by and let this man destroy are planet? Are you? I know I am not.


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