Next Stop: Iceland

Where should our next adventure venture?! We vote: ICELAND !

I’ve been intrigued by Iceland for quite some time now. Actually, I can pinpoint the moment: Watching Walter Mitty longboard down the mountains in one of my favorite films, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It’s an awesome movie, & you should give it a watch.


Anyways, Iceland is a stunning country, with a florescent sky that flows to the beat of the northern lights, and we need to go there! Not only because of its magnificent landscape, but to nerd-out as well. For all of you fellow geeky Game of Thrones fans, there’s a Game of Thrones tour that takes you on a trek beyond The Wall of the Night’s Watch. Sounds like the perfect trip for Brad & I, and it will hopefully be next up, in the not-so-distant future.


*Featured Image: Rizzo, Cailey. Why the Northern Lights Happen, & When to See Them. Travel & Leisure. December 14, 2016.


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