A Woman’s Heart


Thought this little anecdote would be perfect for the occasion, Happy Valentine’s Day to all:

“I’ve discovered what the heart symbolizes through my meditations.”

“And what is that?” I replied.

He outlined the shape of a heart with his weathered fingertips. Pressing his fingers against his chest, he began outlining the top curves of the heart around his nipples, and then proceeded tracing the bottom tip of the heart down to his groin.

I stood there, a little perplexed, while his milky-blue eyes watched mine. He was waiting for his traced symbolism to click in my head, but no light bulbs were going off up there.

Excitedly, he announced, “Women!” He then continued to explain to me how the shape of the heart resembles the female anatomy, hence why he traced the heart on his body to show me. “Women are love, and the heart symbolizes that love. That is why the heart was created in the reflection of the female anatomy,” he exclaimed. He was so thrilled to let me in on this knowledge he had obtained, and I couldn’t be more content listening. “Think about it, women are always thought to be nurturing, kind, giving, etc.” He was right; these words are all representations of love and femininity. Does that mean love and woman are truly synonymous?

Either way, I admired his words, and the way he spoke had this spark of life, like he knew something wonderful that was just a secret to the rest of the world. I wanted to see what he saw, and he showed me his heart, pulling me a little bit closer to that wondrous secret.

He continued in his jovial voice, “After all, females were the first sex.”

Smiling, I responded, “I like you.”

We chatted for a few more seconds before I continued on. “It was really great talking with you,” I thanked him before turning toward the crowd of people.

The march was just about to take off, and the crowd continued to grow. I was so excited to be a part of such a monumental day in history, and hoped that our cries would be answered. We were gathered round the Boston Common for the Women’s March for America, to protest Trump’s election, and rally for change. It was a chance to be heard, not just for women, but for every type of human that felt neglected. I was hopeful, but couldn’t shake the conversation I had just had with my new loveable friend. I thought, this change needs to be made.


A young girl blowing bubbles of hope during the Women’s March for America Boston 2017

His words still bouncing off my brain, kept me thinking, thinking about what it means to be a woman. Nurturing. Kind. Giving. These words are wonderful to my ears, but words that represent weakness in our society. Unfortunately, femininity has become synonymous with weakness rather than love, but we are here to change that. The ideas of what femininity is, are looked at with disgust by the power mongers of our society, which is unacceptable. Women are strong. We are strong, and hold within us this power of love, allowing us to be as strong as we want to be. We do not need to change for anyone, society can change for us. We need to replace this idea of power with love, and a respect for one another. That is why over 2 million people gathered around our country on Saturday, January 21, 2017, to change power into love. We are done sitting around, waiting for the men to show us how it is done.

We are going to show them.


If you’re interested in reading more about the Women’s March, check out the photo story I created!



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