Exploration is Education

In our society we exhaust far too much judgement on cultures different than our own. Instead of trying to understand their ways, and look past the ideologies taught to us at a young age, the majority of us scoff in distaste because of something we simply cannot grasp. It is a downfall, a delusion of the human condition, to believe that one culture is above another. Even in our own country, we find it difficult to comprehend the traditions of a family only a few states away. That is why Brad and I set out to discover what glorious cultures can be found just in our own country. It’s a simple start, but everything starts with simplicity.

America is a beautiful wide array of eclectic communities, all carrying vast differences, which we should all strive to understand. The only way to truly learn is to travel, and experience new things, changing your perspective, and furthering your education. Those who don’t travel are missing out on one of the most vivacious facets of life, and are stunting their education and personal growth. Even if it’s just traveling down the road to share a meal with a family that celebrates a different tradition other than your own, it’s traveling none the less. You can still explore new cultures in your own community, and I encourage everyone to do so, embracing humanity, and furthering their education.


Next time your traveling, stop for a minute to soak it all in, and think about the passionate people you’ve met and what they’ve taught you.


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